by Charles F Haanel

Part Seventeen Study Guide

161. What is the true method of concentration?

To become so identified with the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.

162. What is the result of this method of concentration?

Invisible forces are set in motion which irresistibly bring about conditions in correspondence with your thought.

163. What is the controlling factor in this method of thought?

Spiritual Truth.

164. Why is this so?

Because the nature of our desire must be in harmony with Natural Law.

165. What is the practical value of this method of concentration?

Thought is transmuted into character, and character is the magnet which creates the environment of the individual.

166. What is the controlling factor in every commercial pursuit?

The mental element.

167. Why is this so?

Because Mind is the ruler and creator of all form and all events occurring in form.

168. How does concentration operate?

By the development of the powers of perception, wisdom, intuition, and sagacity.

169. Why is intuition superior to reason?

Because it does not depend upon experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.

170. What is the result of pursuing the symbol of the reality?

They frequently turn to ashes just as we overtake them, because the symbol is only the outward form of the spiritual activity within, therefore unless we can possess the spiritual reality, the form disappears.

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