Green Magic Event like no other, where every plant is sacred.

HortOCCULTure is a celebration of green magic presented by Modern Witch, featuring some of today’s leading voices in the fields of plant spirituality, magical mycology, herbal wisdom, and in-home agriculture. Our event took place over Earth Day weekend (April 23/24, 2022) of this year.

Green Magic is a term used by modern witches to describe the practice of working with both plant and fungi kingdoms as allies and partners in magic. These practices are diverse and represent some of the most ancient and beloved forms of magic on the planet. HortOCCULTure seeks to unite practitioners with time honored plant wisdom and cutting-edge techniques so they can further their own practice and grow the biggest green thumb possible!

Hosted by Devin Hunter, this year’s event features workshops by international bestselling authors and green magic aficionados such as Arin Murphy-Hisock, Ivo Dominguez Jr., Amy Blackthorn, Juliet Diaz, Anthony Teth, and Coby Michael!

This downloadable package is a collection of all six workshops that were offered this year in addition to a guided ritual pathworking. It comes with a pdf guide and can be downloaded immediately. It does not come with any of our in person perks, however like the Q&A sessions, digital grimoire featuring additional bonus content, access to the private Discord community, or our exclusive botanical marketplace showcasing rare plants and magical items. 


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