You Up?

You will need to grind equal parts of the following into a fine dust. A coffee grinder will serve you well with this, although the deer antlers are best shaved first with a cheese grater, and the resulting shavings added to the grinder. Chicory Coffee Cocoa Powder Jasmine Flowers Deer Antler Sprinkle some of this […]

Business Draw

Traditionally, such an incense would be burned in one’s shop or office, to literally draw customers and clients through the door. In the modern age, when so much commerce and business is done digitally, it can be used wherever you do business, to serve as a conduit to lift your prayers to heaven or send […]

Cleansing Incense

Cleansing incenses purge negativity with smoke, leaving an environment or body spiritually clean. Ingredients are often chosen for their known purgative effects, or for their strong scent–as it is believed that devils are chased away by certain odors. The following recipes are best burned on a charcoal. +++ Holy Breath Incense Mix equal parts: Crushed […]

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing products remove negative conditions and the barriers they present, allowing us to move ahead unshackled. -Hyssop -Lemongrass -Pennyroyal Collect these ingredients as equal parts of dried herbs. Place these in a jar and cover with a carrier oil, such as Almond or Jojoba. Seal the jar, and let the sunshine do the rest. This […]

Take Me Back

To work best, this powder should make contact with the person you wish to find favor with again. It may it sprinkled in their path so that they walk upon it, or brushed onto the door handle of their car, or dusted across a letter they will at some point open and hold in their […]

Court Case Powder

You will need approximately equal parts of the following: Calamus Root Galangal Root Licorice Root Grind these into a powder. I repeatedly grind and sift these, removing any stringy bits. This goal of this formula is to make you a winner by dominating others involved in your case, such as those whose lawsuit is against […]

Power Oil

3 parts Orange oil 1 part Cedar oil 1 part Ginger oil Dilute with a carrier oil, such as almond, about 3 times the volume of those you have blended. Store in a dark bottle, with 7 White Mustard seeds inside. Use this oil to add extra power to your endeavors. Placed on your feet, […]

Hot Foot

Hot Foot powder is used to physically chase a person away. It’s ingredients mostly consist of items that would literally cause irritation, heat and unrest. HELLHOUND ON MY TRAIL by Robert Johnson You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm mmm, around my door All around my door You sprinkled hot foot powder All around your daddy’s […]

Blessing Oil

What is the nature of the blessing you seek? Is it to bless a newborn, a deck of Tarot cards, a business endeavor? Based on its application, a blessing formula may contain ingredients—essential oils, scents, herbs, curios—specific to a single goal; therefore an oil to bless a newborn may be fresh olive oil over which […]

Black Cat

Black Cat oil is most often used for gambling luck and to break hexes. Many recipes for Black Cat oil involve adding the hair of such a cat, often with steel wool. Bay Laurel Essential Oil Clary Sage Essential Oil Crushed Black Copal Resin +++ Place the following ingredients in a jar and cover with […]

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