Mystic Dream Dictionary is a collection of various subjects one might encounter in a dream, with meanings gathered from a variety of sources.

Understanding dream symbolism is a personal enterprise. The meaning of any symbol may be entirely personal, or cultural, or part of our shared human consciousness. To complicate the matter, many hold that the world of dreams is like a mirror, in which we actually see reverse images, so that whatever we see actually possesses the opposite meaning of what it might connote in the waking world. Without bias to any one theory, we have included meanings from a variety of sources. Should you find yourself unable to comprehend the symbols in your dream, this dictionary serves to give you some ideas that may likely apply.

In some instances, lucky numbers are included. This is a tradition found in many an old dream book, working from the belief that each symbol that stands out in a dream has a number associated with it, and that these may be used to your advantage in games of chance.

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