BlueRose FAQ

What is the Faery (Fairy, Faerie, Feri) tradition?

F(a)eri(e) is a diverse form of American Traditional Witchcraft derived from the teachings of Victor and Cora Anderson. Faery is passed mainly through oral and ritual transmission by a priesthood of initiates. A rich and diverse spiritual art, Faery seeks to transform the individual through practices of ritual magic, meditation, ecstatic experience, and energy work. Faery draws power from various cultures and their magical systems including Huna; Conjure; Voodoo; Tantra; Celtic Folklore; Christian Mysticism; Yezidi Mythology; Greek Gnosis; and others, and continues to integrate the magic and mysteries of ancient and evolving cultures into its rich spiritual tapestry. Faery is understood and integrated through poetic and direct experience; adherents include dedicated practitioners and persons initiated ritually into its mysteries. For more info see

What is BlueRose?

BlueRose is a lineage and school founded by Storm Faerywolf that exists to promote the values and teachings of Faery tradition of witchcraft. The symbol of the blue rose represents the mysterious and peripheral nature of Faery, and draws from the symbolism of many different cultures and mythologies. The class is taught in three parts: Novice (offered via Black Rose Witchcraft), Practitioner, and Dedicant.

What does each level include and how much do they cost?

BlueRose Faery training begins with Black Rose Witchcraft, a 13-month online course that serves as an introduction to the basic Faery tools and a stylized way of working them. This course is offered at $250 or a $25 per month subscription. For more info on Black Rose Witchcraft click HERE.

Graduates of this course are eligible to apply for BlueRose, which is offered in two parts, both in-person or online.

BlueRose Practitioner
(Largely self-paced, based on a 2 year curriculum)

$100/monthly subscription

PREREQUISITE: Black Rose Witchcraft and the book, Betwixt and Between
REQUIREMENTS: “Community service” to the Black Rose online community.

This intermediate-level class expands upon the basic Faery material taught in Black Rose and truly begins the journey into Faery/Feri tradition. Using group discussion, monthly (roughly 1 hour) private sessions, guided trance, energy work, art projects, and ritual, we will experience various aspects of the tradition culminating in the establishment of a Faery tradition spiritual practice. Students who complete this course have the option to receive a certificate of completion. This class does not guarantee Faery initiation. Both training levels are required for consideration of initiation into the Faery tradition priesthood, which is offered to a select few on a case-by-case basis. All Practitioners will be assigned a Dedicant Mentor who will help to answer questions, read check-ins, and even provide occasional one-on-one chat sessions in order to offer additional perspectives and further opportunities for building community.

Covered topics include:

  • History of the Tradition
  • The Iron and Pearl Pentacles
  • The Black Heart of Innocence
  • The Elements of Faery
  • Opening the Crossroads
  • Spellwork, Sorcery, and the Left Hand Path
  • Casting the Faery Circle
  • The Watchers/Guardians
  • The Divine Twins
  • Ancestral Work
  • The Infinitum (The Feri ‘Gods of Infinity’)
  • Altar Building
  • The Shadow Lover
  • The “Primal deities”
  • The Three Worlds
  • Working with the Faery Rose Tree
  • The Amethyst Pentacle
  • Journeying the Faery Realm/Working with Faery Contacts


BlueRose Dedicant: Course length determined by pace of individual

No charge

By Invitation Only

PREREQUISITE: BlueRose Practitioner Level and Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft
REQUIREMENTS: “Community service” to the Black Rose and/or BlueRose communities.

Those who are determined to be candidates for Faery initiation will be invited to join this class at no charge. This advanced-level class begins with the Taibhsearachd, the BlueRose rite of dedication and bestowal of the Second Sight. Here, we build upon the previous work, incorporating deeper techniques of working with one’s Shadow, work with particular underworld spirits and divinities, poetic and bardic expression, astral projection, and shadow work. We will work with elements of ancestral worship as well as  divine possession, practice with specific inner temples, angelic and overworld practices, the confrontation and integration of personal demons, work to embody ecstatic spiritual service, and the achevement of one’s “grail”; a personal obstacle of some importance and difficulty.

Covered topics include:

  • The Goddesses of the Elements
  • Sex Magic
  • Working with the Faery Power
  • Psychic Opening and Protection
  • The Warrior’s Will
  • Astral Projection
  • Dream Work
  • Creating/working with a Servitor
  • Working with Plant/Stone Spirits and the spirit of Place
  • Poetic & Sigil Magic
  • Healing and Hexing
  • Visiting the Graveyard: Working with Spirits of the Dead
  • The Witches’ Familiar
  • Opening the Western Gate
  • Angelic/Star Magic
  • Demon Work
  • Divine Possession
  • Confronting Death/Making Death an Ally
  • Luciferian Gnosis
  • Advanced Invocation Techniques
  • Working with the Void

What does Initiation into the Faery tradition entail?

Since Faery is a mystery tradition the details of our initiation ceremonies are a closely guarded secret and so few details can be given. In essence it is the ritual passing of the current of magical power –the Faery Power– that is unique to our tradition and characterizes our lineage. This is a marriage to the Gods and marks the individual as a full priest of our Mysteries. The ritual is traditionally done skyclad (i.e. ritually naked) and involves the taking of an Oath. Traditionally, there are two main methods for passing the initiation, “the Red Rite” which involves sexual intercourse, and “the Blue Rite” which does not. In the context of training in BlueRose Faery, only the Blue Rite is offered, the exception being when applied to existing lovers.

I am having financial difficulties. Do you offer work trade or scholarships?

I offer a limited amount of work trade, but only for services that we actually need. This may include website assistance, forum monitoring, IT work, and the like. I also offer limited scholarships to those in need who are particularly determined to pursue the work. A letter of intent that describes your situation and your desire for the work is required for  consideration. We reserve the right to terminate any work-trade or scholarship for any reason at any time.

What are the course requirements?

You will be expected to perform certain exercises and rituals, the bulk of the practice to be done a minimum of four times per week, with other activities being layered on at varying intervals. Each week you are expected to make a check-in, either to the appropriate Discord channel, or privately to your teacher and/or assigned Mentor, that describes your experiences with the work, as well as whatever ‘mundane’ activities seem relevant.

You are also required to read Storm’s weekly check-in report, which will be posted in our Discord. This is where any news, announcements, or any changes to the rules, policies, or course material will be announced, so it is vital that you make it a habit to read this report each week. Once you have read the weekly report you must then “react” to the post by selecting an emoticon reaction of your choice, sometime before the next week’s report. Repeated failure to read these reports may be grounds for expulsion from the class.

You are also expected to maintain a sense of respect and civility to your teacher(s) and fellow students. First time offenders will be gently warned. Second time offenders will be severely warned. Third time offenders will be expelled from the course with no refunds given.

Finally, you are expected to keep all communications, lessons, and identities of other members private. Those who are found to have shared materials without permission or to have otherwise violated this rule will be expelled from class. If you are unclear as to what you can or can not share, just ask your teacher and they will make this clear for you.

What are the rules about check-ins?

Check-ins are expected weekly and are due no later than Sundays, 11 pm Pacific time. (If weekends are difficult for you then you will want to send your check-ins earlier.) Check-ins that arrive after the deadline are considered “missed”. Excessive missed or late check-ins are grounds for dismissal.

Check-ins are posted in the appropriate check-in channel (i.e. #practitioner-checkins or #dedicant-checkins) on our private Discord server. These are visible to all other members of the class, as well as to BlueRose initiates who are available to provide additional perspectives on the work. Those with access to multiple levels (i.e. Dedicants also have access to the Practitioner areas) are asked to consider the content of their posts with regard to the audience of the specific group in which they are posting.

Practitioner check-ins are read primarily by the Dedicants and Initiates of BlueRose who may then report to Storm or comment directly with their thoughts.

All students have the option of checking in privately to Storm directly.

Many of our classes distribute lessons via links from the web-storage service Dropbox. DO NOT COMMENT directly through those links/pages, as comments posted in this way will not be read. Comments posted to Dropbox links/pages do not count toward your check-ins. If you have questions, email the admin at, or message @Faerywolf on the BlueRose Discord space.


First, go to the appropriate channel on Discord (#practitioner-check-ins or #dedicant-check-ins). Once there you will see a list of previously posted check-ins:

You may click on any of them to read, respond, and/or react.

To post your check in, just enter it into the input box at the bottom:

Step 1: The first line should read: CHECK IN. Ideally this should be in bold. (This makes it much easier to see where you check-in actually starts when searching thorugh all of the other check-ins and responses.) To do this, simply highlight the text and you will be given a text formatting tool.

Additionally, if you are asking a question in your check-in, you are to indicate this in that first line.

EXAMPLE: “CHECK IN Question” or “CHECK IN 2 Questions” or “CHECK IN Q” or “CHECK IN Q’s“, etc.

Step 2: Press Shift-Return to insert a line-break and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Include a list of whatever exercises you have worked with during the week, along with how many times you performed them.


Waters of Purity (x4)

Three Souls (x6)

Iron Pentacle (x2)

Step 4: Insert another line break and then include a description of your week and whatever insights you may have experienced in relation to the practice, if any. You may also give a synopsis of your personal week and also ask whatever questions you may have. Please keep your check-in posts to no more than 2000 characters in length. Check-ins that exceed this limit must be posted as separate entries or else Discord will want to post them as a downloadable document.

Step 5: Press Return to upload your post.

Who are able to read my comments?

The BlueRose Discord has multiple channels that require various permissions to access. All members of the BlueRose lineage in good standing are welcome to access the general areas of our private Discord server (Server Info, Community, and Faery Lore categories). Students and Initiates of Storm will have access to additional areas, namely the Practitioner Training and Dedicants categories. Practitioner check-ins are posted in the #practitioner-check-ins channel and can be read by Storm’s other Practitioners, Dedicants, and Initiates. Students who are studying with other Initiates of BlueRose do not have access to these areas but do have access to the Server InfoCommunity and Faery Lore categories of channels.

How often do I receive instructions?

New lessons are provided on a case-by-case basis, generally at the rate of once per month. Some months will provide multiple lessons, while others will have you continuing to work with material that you received previously. Much is determined by the quality of your homework and check-ins.

Some lessons are given as written lessons or MP3s, while most others must be transmitted via live sessions.

How do I schedule a session with my teacher?

Both Chas and Storm use Bookeo, an online service that allows students to choose the date and time of their preferred appointment and to book directly. To use this service go to your teacher’s booking page: Chas or Storm. (These can always be found from the BlueRose Teachers link from the main BlueRose area of the website.)

If you have already used this service then you may SIGN IN and then proceed as normal: choose the preferred date and time from the widget and then click “Complete Your Booking”. If you are not signed in you will be asked to provide an email address, password, phone number, and birth date at check-out. Remember your password! This is different from your log-in info for the Academy or for Discord. You will need this information to manage your future bookings.

You may also change or delete a booking you have made by logging into the booking widget as described above.

If you schedule a session, but then do not show up for it within 10 minutes of the appointed time it will be considered “missed” and you will need to reschedule. Multiple no-shows may result in expulsion from the class. You will receive a warning before this happens.

If you have any questions or need help please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How do I pay for classes?

Classes are offered with a monthly paid subscription. Once you have been approved for the class you will be emailed a link to begin your subscription.

What if I stop paying for the course?

If you stop paying for this course then you will stop receiving lessons and may be removed from the Discord server. If you are having financial difficulties and wish to arrange for a work-trade agreement, contact your teacher ASAP. Graduates of the course are granted a lifetime membership in the forums and will have access to updated materials as they are posted.

How long will my membership in this group last?

Membership lasts for as long as you are a paying member or if you graduate. You may continue to be in this group free of charge after you have completed the Practitioner Level. As long as you are not disruptive then we are happy to have you remain part of our community here, even if you do not continue forward into the Dedicant and/or Initiate levels.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for any reason.

Are there items that I need to buy?

Not necessarily, however we are currently working on a shopping list of items that you may purchase from our website.

All students receive a code for 15% off purchases from our store. If you are a member, but have not received your code, please contact our admins at

As local business owners we also encourage you to support the metaphysical store in your own community, provided there is one.

I have a question not covered here.

If you are a current BlueRose student then please send your query to Storm by messaging him on Discord (@Faerywolf) and he will answer your question and update the FAQ as needed. If you are not yet a student, please email the site admin at and they will direct your message to Storm and get back to you ASAP.