A Course In Modern Conjure is the collaborative curriculum of Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf, both experienced root workers with individual Conjure doctoring practices. Having repeatedly taught this course at their store The Mystic Dream, they have reworked their lessons to suit an online setting, integrating new materials such as art, music and video in order to enhance their teaching. You will be encouraged to work hands-on with various herbs, curios, oils, and other magical paraphernalia. Our study will focus on various traditions of American folklore, such as Hoodoo, Southern Conjure, Pow-Wow, and more, including work with various written texts such as the King James Bible and certain Grimoires.

This is a twelve month class, with new lessons sent weekly. Membership includes access to our private Discord server, where you can share your experiences with other students, ask questions of teachers and mentors, and even participate in audio and video events.

Payment options include a one year subscription of $25 per month; or a onetime fee of $250. You will continue to have access to the Modern Conjure forums following the completion of the class.

A certificate of completion is available for those who complete all twelve assignments.

List of Lessons

Lesson 1: Working with Conjure Tradition
Lesson 2: High John
Lesson 3: Diagnosis and Divination
Lesson 4: Twelve Powers

Lesson 5: Working with Dirt and Powders
Lesson 6: Ancestor Veneration
Lesson 7: Talking with the Dead
Lesson 8: Twelve Throwing Powders

Lesson 9: Working with Waters
Lesson 10: Gods and Goddesses
Lesson 11: Egg Cleansing and Divination
Lesson 12: Twelve Tricks With Water

Lesson 13: Working w/ Personal Concerns
Lesson 14: Angels and Demons
Lesson 15: Psychometry
Lesson 16: Twelve Sneaky Tricks

Lesson 17: Working with Words
Lesson 18: Biblical Heroes and Saints
Lesson 19: Bibliomancy
Lesson 20: Twelve Spoken Charms

Lesson 21: Working with Natural Curios
Lesson 22: Working with Manufactured Charms
Lesson 23: Bone and Coin Reading
Lesson 24: Twelve Charm Tricks

Lesson 25: Working with Flora
Lesson 26: Plant Devas
Lesson 27: Tasseomancy
Lesson 28: Twelve Herb and Tea Blends

Lesson 29: Working with Incense
Lesson 30: Planetary Spirits
Lesson 31: Astrology
Lesson 32: Twelve Incense Blends

Lesson 33: Oils, Perfumes, and Potions
Lesson 34: Mighty Dead & Ascended Masters
Lesson 35: Card Reading
Lesson 36: Twelve Scents

Lesson 37: Working w/Candles
Lesson 38: Colored Flames
Lesson 39: Ceromancy
Lesson 40: Twelve Candle Tricks

Lesson 41: Bottle Spells
Lesson 42: Hags and Haints
Lesson 43: Radiomancy
Lesson 44: Twelve Bottle Spells

Lesson 45: Working with Dolls
Lesson 46: Thought Forms
Lesson 47: Jack Balls
Lesson 48: Twelve Mojo Bags

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Course In Modern Conjure
$25.00 each month
for 1 year

$250.00 single payment
for 1 year
$50 savings

Setting Lights is a time-honored method for focusing the energy of prayer and spellwork. Once aligned to your purpose they are burned to generate and set in motion spiritual energies toward your goal. We will create magical sigils for your name and goal and then dress, charge, and burn a glass-encased (7 Day) devotional candle in our Temple on your behalf. We will then email you a follow-up report with a photo of the completed candle glass, providing insights as to how well your spell progressed based on how the candle burned.