Spiritual Cleansing is the process of removing negative conditions from yourself and your environment. In the same way that it is important to wash our teeth and bodies from the filth they accumulate, it is important to spiritually cleanse one’s self of the negative energies we encounter in modern life. This class covers the essential techniques needed to remove the impurities that sicken and suppress your wellbeing.

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Cleansing with the smoke of sacred herbs (often known as ‘smudging’) is an ancient technique that remains relevant today. Herbs used for this purpose are widely available, and include White Sage, Rosemary, Palo Santo, and many others. The lessons provided for this type of cleansing will show you how to do the following:

-Cleanse your environment
-Cleanse your body and spirit

Spiritual bathing is another popular method for removing negative energy from your body. Whether in a bathtub or shower, the ability to cleanse both your skin and inner spirit are at your disposal. This lesson will guide you with the following information:

-Materials to use in a spiritual bath
-Movements to engage the removal of negative energy
-Affirmations and prayers to empower your ritual
-Tips and tricks from folklore to make the most of your experience

For a deep inner cleansing nothing works better than a clean drink of water. The water drinking rite (known also as ‘Kala’) is a ritualized way of transforming emotional toxins into medicine. We cannot always find the time to perform a ceremony when we are in need of cleansing, but this simple and powerful act of transformative magic is effective in almost any given setting. This lesson with reveal the following:

-How to transmute psychic ills into healing a healing elixir
-How to keep yourself purified throughout the day, and remain well hydrated to boot

In addition to the various audio components included in this class, this guided meditation is designed to guide you through the internal process of purification. This meditation is lead by Storm Faerywolf, whose auditory skills include a soothing voice, supported by years of guiding listeners to a place of security and wholeness. Guided meditation helps bring your mind more fully in alignment with your goals, speaking to every level of your being. 

If you want to be surrounded by good vibrations, the bad one’s must be driven away. Certain sounds have traditionally been used to achieve this. This lesson will teach you to utilize sound for spiritual cleansing. You will learn the following:

-Which sounds work best
-How to use instruments and your own voice
-Ways of directing sound for optimum effect

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