BlueRose Principles

I. We venerate the Star Goddess, God Herself; the pre-gendered force of creation and destruction, whom we see as an active force in our lives, accessible through devotion, ritual, and prayer.

II. We identify with Her Son, Lover, and other half, the Blue God; the post-gendered force of expression, ecstasy, and free will, whom we see as the gateway by which we can better come to know the divine.

III. We recognize the tripartite nature of divinity and its reflection in the three parts of the human soul, which we strive to align and keep in good health.

IV. We recognize the divine nature in all things and petition this divinity to cause change in the world in accordance with our own will through acts of magic.

V. We honor and seek guidance from the ancestors, continuing their great work of bettering the Craft, keeping alive the lineage of the Mighty Dead.

VI. Our priesthood inherits the Old Craft by way of the Faery Power, a current of magical energy ritually passed through a direct and unbroken initiatory lineage tracing back through the late Victor H. Anderson and —either through history or poetry— into antiquity.

VII. In keeping with tradition, we use this Power in service to those who seek our aid, as well as to better the lives of our families, our friends, our communities, the land, and ourselves.

VIII. Because our priesthood is a Mystery tradition we do not speak of certain rites or lore as determined by the individual lineages into which we were initiated or under which we study. But neither do we stifle the voices of others who may not be bound to the same degree. Secrecy in our Craft is a personal devotion.

IX. We assert that the authenticity of our tradition is not in the forms of its rituals, but in the power and divine connection of those who may perform them.

X. We strive toward the Black Heart of Innocence, which is our sovereign, natural state of sexual purity free of shame or sin, and hold inviolate the sovereignty of others. We hold ourselves to a high standard of sexual ethics as taught by Victor and Cora Anderson, and respect sex between consenting adults as sacred.

XI.  We recognize the divine self-authority of every human being and hold none above another, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, creed, status, titles, religion, lineage, or ability.

XII. We do not coddle weakness, nor do we condemn it in others. We strive to assist those in need, but not to our own undoing. We never submit our life-force to anyone or anything.

XIII. We hold that all deities, guardians, spirits, faeries, angels, and djinn are our equals, and we honor and work with any and all who will work with us as allies toward our mutual betterment.