Relax. Get comfy. You are about to hear the enchanted voice of a master orator. This voice blazes pathways through the ether, leading you on adventures that take you deeper into your sacred self, or away to mysterious realms. Throughout the ages there have been similar voices, such as shaman spoke to guide spiritual warriors through the perils of the underworld, or to embolden and heal them; and that tradition lives on today, having evolved to take advantage of the auditory devices currently at our disposal. Click on your speakers, or nestle your earbuds into your ears, and prepare yourself for transcendence.

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Guided Meditation by Storm Faerywolf
(Running time: 20:30)

Grounding is a most, if not *the* most, important first step to any ritual, magical or otherwise. When we have been grounded, we have undergone several meditative steps and visualizations in order to focus our awareness, and to cleanse ourselves from any extraneous thoughts or emotions that might prove distracting, or even harmful, in a ritual setting. When we connect with the Earth, we are connecting with the body of the living Goddess, so that Her energies are made available to us, travel through us, envelope us, and heal us. It is important that we not use our own personal energy, so as not to become depleted.

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A Guided Trance with Storm Faerywolf
(Running time 14:05)

The moon has long been associated with magic and witchcraft. A constant reminder of the cycles of nature and sometimes seen as a goddess, the moon represents the revelation of the unknown… that which is concealed deep in the darkness; the hidden divinity within all of nature.

Reflecting the light of the sun, the moon is a prime symbol of the unconscious, revealing its secrets only when we direct upon it our conscious attentions. The moon is at once the Goddess and also our own “higher selves” which we seek to draw into our consciousness, expanding our awareness and giving us access to a deeper well of magical power. “Drawing Down the Moon” is a traditional name for a witches’ rite that allows for this to take place, aligning us with the cycles of the moon as well as to our own deeper power.

This meditation can be performed at any time but for best results use during the night of the full moon.

A Guided Ritual with Storm Faerywolf
(Running time 25:11)

This is a guided ritual that serves as a foundation upon which we may more easily build a personal practice of magical training. All you will need is a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and a single candle.

It is given without reference to any specific spirits or deities so as to not interfere with whatever magical or spiritual practices with which you may already work. Feel free to invoke your own spirits or allies to make this working more personal.

The rite involves a guided relaxation and a specialized “grounding and centering”, in the form of a trance induction for “soul alignment,” based on a technique from the Faery tradition. Once aligned and centered in our power, we will light our candle with a simple prayer before engaging the elements as we cast a protective and focusing circle. We will use that ritually focused space to better communicate with our higher selves, and by extension, to whatever other spirits or deities with whom we may wish to work. There will then be a brief period of silence where you may either commune with your chosen spirits, or you may pause the recording and perform whatever additional magical practices you wish. We will then close our rite by ritually opening the circle and formally returning to normal awareness.

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