Uncrossing products remove negative conditions and the barriers they present, allowing us to move ahead unshackled.




Collect these ingredients as equal parts of dried herbs. Place these in a jar and cover with a carrier oil, such as Almond or Jojoba. Seal the jar, and let the sunshine do the rest. This is done best in times of bright sun, such as summertime. The jar may be placed outside, or in a sunny window. Direct sunlight is a must. This method is called sometimes called the Simpler’s Method, and is an easy way to infuse oils with the properties of herbal allies. Let the jar do its thing for a good three to four weeks, or if you want to get biblical, for forty days.

A swifter method might have you heating up the oil, below the point of boiling, and adding the herbs to that. Let cool, and bottle.

Of course, essential or scented oils can be used as well, and these three are easy enough to find, and not too cost prohibitive.

Uncrossing oil can be used to dress candles; added to a bath or wash bucket to spiritually cleanse your person or home; and many other uses as well.