In Black Rose we celebrate the longest day by honoring Lucifer the Witch King. In our tradition’s mythology Lucifer is the bringer of light and is personified by the brilliant shining sun.  This Midsummer we will be invoking the spirit of Lucifer through an adaptation of one of our most treasured practices known as Kala. During Kala we gather energetic blockages and purify them with the power of our own light. We finish this ritual by consuming this energy, now instead of it being a toxic blockage it is nutritious power that can fuel us.

What you need:
A drinking glass
Distilled or Spring Water (boiled/filtered water will do in a pinch)
Access to direct sunlight

How to:
Fill the drinking glass with water and place it somewhere close to you. While standing in the sun take a few moments to collect your thoughts and ground your energy body. Begin by breathing slow and deep and allow your attention to become centered on the sensation of that breath. Allow your belly to expand first as you breathe, followed by your lungs and make sure to keep your body relaxed. When you feel ready to move on, pick up your glass and hold it six inches from your solar-plexus.

Focus now on the blocks you perceive to be present in your life. What areas could you benefit from clarity and wisdom? Where might light be shed so you can continue to blaze courageously along your path? Allow these thoughts to become symbols in your mind and bring the glass to chin-level.

Take three deep breaths and as you exhale envision these symbols spilling forth from your body and into the cup. See that the water grows thick and dark with each breath as symbols of all those things that block you leave your energy body. Feel the cup grow heavier in your hands. When you feel you are emptied of the blockages place the glass down in front of you.

Reach with your left hand to the sun above and say, “By Lucifer’s aid I am made strong, Hail the Witch King!” See now a sunbeam land in your raised palm. Let its energy move through your arm and chest finally spilling forth into your right arm. As the energy reaches your right hand draw a pentacle of golden sunlight above the cup. Raise now your right hand towards the sun and chant three times, “Hail the Witch King for he is light!”

With your hands above you make the shape of a triangle by touching the ends of your index fingers and overlapping your thumbs. Catch the sun in the empty triangle and envision that you have trapped a bit of it’s light. Slowly bring the triangle down to the glass. As you do this envision that the light of the sun travels with your hands and fills the glass. See that as the light spills through the pentacle it’s golden energy dissolves into the water. Breath slow and deep. Direct the energy of the sun into the cup and as you do so see that the light clarifies the dark contents of the glass and say:

Lucifer, the Holy Sun
Whose fire burns within the soul
By witch’s right
I claim thy light
For on this day we share his might!

When you perceive that the water in the glass has become clear and vibrant take the glass in both hands and drink deeply. Feel the water enter your body and rejuvenate you. Repeat as needed, an excellent practice for Sunday’s as well.

This first appeared in the Witches and Pagans Blog: Modern Witch