“In Eastern thought the lotus represents regeneration and spiritual illumination. It is also a symbol of the ability to transcend the muck (where it is rooted) and grow even though the dirtiest of waters (life experience) and into the pure sunlight of enlightenment (where the flower blooms). The blue lotus also represents wisdom, and to the ancient Egyptians symbolized rebirth, as they saw it close and descend beneath the waters each night, only to rise up from the waters the following day. To me this is a perfect symbol for Reiki practice; a practice that promotes enlightenment, wisdom, transformation, and renewal.”

~From “Awakening the BlueLotus: A Reiki Level One Handbook”
by Storm Faerywolf

Reiki is a traditional initiatory form of Japanese energy practice used for both healing and spiritual development. A Reiki practitioner has been metaphysically empowered via a special ceremony (called “attunement”) to channel a spiritually guided form of universal life-energy, which can assist in the healing process and aid spiritual evolution.

Because this energy is guided by the higher spiritual power of the recipient it is said that it can do no harm, working only for the highest good of all involved. Reiki is an excellent practice for reducing stress, enhancing meditation, and promoting spiritual growth, as well as providing a powerful compliment to more conventional healing practices.

Blue Lotus is the school of Reiki founded by Storm Faerywolf, and includes different lineages and practices within the larger set of Reiki traditions. In addition to traditional Usui, Blue Lotus currently offers classes and attunements in Usui-Tibetan, Kundalini, and Blue Fire Reiki.

Schedule a Long Distance Reiki Class/Attunement:

This is an entry-level class. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

History of Reiki
Basic Concepts
Reiki I Attunement

Prerequisite: Reiki Level One from any lineage or teacher.
Copy of Certificate required.

Reiki Symbols
Advanced Practices
Reiki II Attunement


Schedule a Long Distance Reiki Session:

30 minutes – $75

One hour – $150