Blue Fire Reiki is what happens when multiple spiritual energy practices meet as one: Reiki, a Japanese tradition of spiritual energy healing… and Faerie, a traditional form of American witchcraft. Reiki provides a gentle way to tap into and channel energy guided by a higher spiritual awareness, while Faerie offers the use of the mystical Blue Fire; the sensual and ecstatic fire of Will and creation, used by Faerie witches to empower our magic.

Blue Fire is a different current of energy than is used in traditional Reiki. While traditional Reiki might feel light, heavenly, and ethereal, Blue Fire often feels darker, earthly, even otherworldly… carrying a taste of the wild realm of Faerie. The Blue Fire is a primal power that opens awareness and causes change on deep levels. It is excellent for psychic development, spiritual awakening, and practical sorcery.

As a distinct practice, it originated in 2006 when Carrie Norwood received her Traditional Reiki Master attunement and experienced a vision of Melek Ta’us, the Middle Eastern angel and ‘Blue God’ of the Feri tradition with whom she worked closely. During this encounter, she felt his presence augment the energy being passed to her, an observation later underscored by the reports of her Reiki students, who described energetic encounters far more familiar to Feri than to Reiki. Using tools from both traditional Reiki and Feri and guided by her own intuition, Carrie developed a system of Reiki that draws from some of the Feri tools and magic.

Blue Fire Reiki includes additional practices such as chanting, breath work, specific movements, as well as additional symbols, taught at Level Two, one of which is unique to the lineage and is often intuited by those being attuned.


Blue Fire Reiki Attunements

These sessions are roughly one hour in length and offer the student a private “one-on-one” experience in which they will receive a brief lecture on the basic history and practices of Reiki, a PDF copy of the Reiki handbook, appropriate for the particular level being taught, as well as the necessary attunement and signed certificate, complete with lineage. These sessions are offered over Zoom.

Pre-requisites for my Blue Fire Reiki attunements are corresponding Reiki instruction and attunement(s) from any teacher or lineage.

Levels One + Two: $150 (Pre-requisite: Any Reiki II)
Level Three (Master/Teacher): $300
(Pre-requisite: Blue Fire Reiki II + Any Reiki Master/Teacher attunement)