This is a private long distance class and attunement via Zoom. It will take up to three hours. 

Reiki Level Three (Shinpiden) is the Master/Teacher level in which your energetic channel is widened even further, while attuning you to additional symbols that will enable you to work with healing on a spirutal level, as well as to pass attunements for all levels of Reiki.

We will begin with an oral test on the Reiki I and II material which must be passed with 90% or higher. (This test may be retaken as many times as necessary in order to pass. If additional sessions are required then they can be scheduled at no additional charge.)

Once the test has been passed, the Master/Teacher attunement will be performed after which you will receive the Master/Teacher material and be instructed on how to pass all three levels of Reiki. Afterward, you will practice the new material at your own pace on your own for at least 100 hours. When you are ready, email to arrange a 60 minute follow-up appointment at no additional charge. During this appointment you will take a short test on the Master/Teacher material and personally demonstrate how to perform attunements for all three levels of Reiki. After all this has been completed you will receive your digitally signed Reiki Master/Teacher certificate (PDF), which can be printed and framed, dated for when you received your attunement.

After completion of the attunement you will receive an emailed PDF copy of Storm’s Master/Teacher manual, Mastering the BlueLotus.

Prerequsite: A prior Reiki Level Two attunement from any lineage. Certificate required.