SCISSORS: To dream of a pair of scissors, is a sign of a marriage; if a girl dreams of them she wiU positively be married within a year.

-To a married woman such a dream is a bad omen, as it denotes some gay seducer will flatter her, and probably succeed in enticing her from the path of virtue.

Here is an old prediction in rhyme:

To dream of scissors — a full pair, 
Tells a fair maid thai soon she’ll marry; 
But to a Avife it doth declare 
Her chastity will e’en miscarry!

-from The Golden Wheel Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller
-by Felix Fontaine

SCISSORS: Signify quarrels between lovers; disputes of married couples, and trouble in business.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 18, 36.

-from Mother Shipton’s Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book:
Dreams and Their Interpretations; and Numbers of the Lottery to which They Apply

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