Many modern romances occur in the work place, and this can often be a challenge. Lovers can find themselves on opposing sides of office politics. Bosses and coworkers can become envious. Lovers may feel that they are under constant scrutiny to prove that their personal relationship is not infringing on their job performance. Help is needed.

As a man in a polyamorous relationship with two other men, both of whom work at our store The Mystic Dream, I understand the frustrations of working with one’s lovers. Here is a Modern Conjure solution to keeping things copasetic in the workplace.

This spell is a variation of a honey jar spell. It requires the following:
A small jar
A name paper
Vanilla Extract
A business card
A candle (tea-light)

At work we use a 2 oz hexagon jar, but anything will do. Keep in mind that the larger your jar is the more Vanilla you will use, so to keep it on the cheap choose a small jar.

The name paper is simply a piece of paper on which you will write your name and the name(s) of whomever you are involved with romantically at the office. Any unmarred piece of paper will do, however if you can find something from around the office, such a sheet taken from the company printer, then so much the better. Tear it into a square (it needn’t be perfect, just squarish). Feel free to enclose your names with a heart, or else decorate the paper with whatever flourishes you deem appropriate. Magic is art, so the more creative you are the better. Fold your paper in half, folding in towards you. Do this three or five times, then drop it into the empty jar.

You will also be placing the business card into the jar with the name of the business facing out.

Next, simply pour in some Sarsaparilla. Also known as ‘Beer Root’ this plant is known mostly as a flavoring for Root Beer. In Conjure it is used primarily to promote a happy environment and to arouse lust, making it resonant with our magical goals for protecting workplace romance. Pour enough Sarsaparilla to cover your name paper.

Lastly, fill the remained of the jar with Vanilla Extract. Vanilla is primarily used to promote love and happiness. Fill the jar with this.

Now that it is constructed you must bring it to life. This you can do simply by lighting a tea-light to burn atop your jar. As you light it, say
“This is to promote and protect the romance between [name] and [name] while they are at work.”

Keep this charm at your work place. Perhaps in a desk drawer, or in your locker or bag. Should stress arise you can give your charm extra charge by burning another tea light on it.