Having completed by book and various other projects I have recently refocused my attention to updating the Academy. Some of this is cosmetic, such as new sidebars (now with links that actually work), and the general look of things. Beyond that, I wanted to let everyone know in brief what has been evolving around her, and what can be expected.

The Formulary page has changed. Back when the academy was a Ning site, it had hosted a good number of recipes. When we switched to this site I found the task of recreating the formulary to be daunting, especially given the limits of our theme. Therefore, our formulary has been less than stellar here, which I have taken the steps towards changing, finally. I have plenty of recipes to post, and hope to be adding an average of three new ones per week.

Another thing I plan to update in kind is our new Mystic Dream Dictionary. This project seemed like a no brainer, since the word ‘dream’ is in our very name. I’ve always had a fascination for old Dream Books and Dictionaries. How it is that others interpret things fascinates me. I hope you all get something out of this project.

A Course In Modern Conjure has been shut off to new students. Having written my first book on the subject I realized that I had a lot more to say, and am currently updating the entire curriculum. The class will be opened again before my book comes out in February. Anyone who was already enrolled or has graduated will have access to all the new material.

As a resource for the class I recently added the KJV of the Book of Psalms to our Free Resources.

That is about it. We should hopefully be changing our Chat Room soon. We are testing our other options, not satisfied with what we currently have. Hopefully this will result in better face to face interactions.