“Oh, she is such a fake. I wish more people could see through her beauty and charm and see the viper she really is.”
“I don’t know what she sees in him; he’s obviously taking advantage of her. If only she’d open her eyes and see.”

Sometimes don’t you just wish that they could see through the glamour? Cleverly and skillfully it has woven around the motives and actions of someone who is not what they present themselves to be. It could be a family member, so in love with someone who would use them selfishly… or it could be a co-worker who is always able to place the blame elsewhere for their own faults and yet come across smelling like roses. Perhaps it’s the lazy boyfriend who –despite being mean and condescending to his mate– is able to get her to do everything for him. Or maybe it’s the woman who lures you in with her caring and concern, only to betray your trust and hurt you so that she can get ahead herself. You know that these people are not worth your time, but those close to you are still involved. Whatever the specifics, what you need is a good “wake-me-up”. You want the truth to come to light!

This is an “Eye Opening” spell. It is designed to allow everyone to see beyond the ‘glamour’ or facade that a particular person employs around them, and deep into the truth of their nature. And when I say ‘everyone’ I mean ‘everyone’; even though you are convinced that this person is deceptive you will need to include yourself to have your eyes opened to their deep truth, as well. So there is the possibility that you might change your mind about this person after you perform this… or else perhaps have even more of a confirmation as to why you distrust them.
You should also be aware that if you are wrong about this person–and you do not include yourself in the spell– then the eyes that this spell opens may look upon you unfavorably; your friends and family perhaps seeing you as manipulative and meddling where it’s none of your business. For this reason it is important to include yourself in its eye-opening power.

Begin by performing whatever grounding and alignment exercises you generally do and then perform an Uncrossing. The house must then be cleansed and all glamours be dispelled. Any number of methods can accomplish this.

For this spell, gather the following:
  • A white candle
  • Some anointing or conjure oil (Uncrossing would be good, as would a ‘Road Opener‘ or ‘Van Van‘)
  • An incense charcoal and burner
  • A picture of the person whose glamour you wish to dispel (if you don’t have a photo, a name-paper with their signature, a sample of their handwriting, or their name written three times on it will suffice.)
  • Some dried eyebright leaf
After your Uncrossing and house cleansing, go to your altar and light the charcoal. When it is ready, sprinkle some eyebright on it and smoke yourself and the area, asking the spirit of eyebright to assist you in bringing clear sight in regards to this person.
Prepare a name paper on the back of the photograph. In the center draw a sigil that you have constructed to represent his (or her) name and essence. Around this, in cursive, write the phrase, “dispel all glamour and see him true”, in a circle around the sigil, only without any spaces between the words so that it is written in one continuous motion without lifting your pen. (This method is based on one taught in Cat Yronewode’s Lucky Mojo Hoodoo and Rootwork course and is my preferred method to begin making a name or petition paper.)

Draw an open eye in each of the four corners and add other symbols of power that you feel particularly drawn to. You can get creative and make it a work of art. Dab some of the oil on each of the corners and then finally in the very center of the paper. It is now it’s own crossroads. (You may even wish to align the four corners with the four directions when you dab with oil; sometimes I do this for added power. It really feel it is extra powerful when I dab that final center; the paper generally really comes alive for me at that point.)

Sprinkle a little bit more of the eyebright onto the charcoal and “smoke” the name paper/photograph. Repeat the phrase, “Dispel all glamour and see him true” for several moments (if not several minutes) as you feel power rising and flowing into the working. “See” a fog lift so that you, your family, your co-workers, your friends, and everybody else, can see this person for what they truly are. Place the name paper –photo side down– on the altar and surround it with a circle of the dried herb.
Carve an open eye near the top of the candle, one in the middle, and one near the bottom. Carve the names of everyone else being affected by this spell between the bottom and middle eyes, and your own name between the middle and top ones. Dress the candle with the oil while chanting the phrase, “Dispel all glamour and see him true”. Place the candle on top of the name paper and light it as you whisper the phrase three more times. Let the candle burn all the way down. Pay attention to how it burns and what remains (if any) are left as you can divine from them how the spell worked for you.
Gather up the circle of dried eyebright and steep a tea from it. A tiny bit will go secretly go into the food or drink, of those you wish to “wake-up”. Alternatively or additionally, you may wish to use this infusion to anoint their glasses, or glasses case, etc. Make sure to include yourself by touching a bit of the infusion to both of your eyelids as you ask for clear sight, and then sipping some. Whatever remains can be used to wash the front porch.
Depending on how it all goes, you might also want to have a couple other tricks at the ready, namely a “Cut & Clear” type spell, and maybe have a High John the Conqueror candle ready to lend strength and steadfastness.
And if you were wrong about the person? Well… maybe bring them a gift or muffin basket garnished with fresh lavender flowers for harmony, and then try your best to get along! 🙂
© Storm Faerywolf