-braiding — Match-making.
Lucky Number: 192

-combing — Fortune in business of all kind, success in litigations.
Lucky Number: 178

-cut, getting one’s — Freedom from disagreeable affairs, good luck.

-cutting — Being released of a troublesome business.
Lucky Number: 248

-having beautiful black — Health.
Lucky Number: 179

-having entangled — Domestic discord, shame, damage to character.
Lucky Number: 15

-having gray — Load of cares.
Lucky Number: 8

-having long — Being honored and loved.
Lucky Number: 9

-red — Having enemies ; others interpret it being in favor.
Lucky Number: 130

-losing — Bad times.
Lucky Number: 96

-seeing ringlets of — Becoming high-minded.

-wearing false — Falling into sickness; trouble.

-hair-dresser, seeing or talking to a — Approach of hardship and toil.



-from Mehemet Ali’s Oriental Interpretation of Dreams

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