APPAREL: Nothing more demonstrates the events that are about to happen to you, than dreaming of wearing apparel; but almost every color has a different interpretation, and must depend on its appearing new or old, its fitting you, or being too big or too little.

To dream you are dressed in white, is a sure token of success in the first object you undertake, and that you will be successful in love, and that your beloved is of a good temper and amiable disposition.

To dream you are dressed in green, denotes that you are about to take a journey to your advantage, and that your beloved prefers you to all other lovers.

To dream that you are dressed in black is an unlucky omen.

To dream that you are dressed in blue, denotes happiness.

If you dream you are dressed in scarlet, you are thereby warned of some very heavy calamity.

To dream you are dressed in yellow, is rather lucky than otherwise.

To dream you are dressed in crimson, denotes that you will live to a good old age, and neither very fortunate or unfortunate through life; it denotes a small dispute between a landlord and his tenant, which will be settled amicably to the advantage of the latter.

To dream that you are dressed in a variety of colors, denotes a variety of fortunes are about to attend you.

To dream you are fashionably dressed and in good company, is very good for the dreamer he will rise considerably above his present condition. To dream your clothes fit you well, and are conformable to the season of the year, is favorable and denotes success.

To dream your clothes do not fit you, and that they are not suitable to the season, denotes the death of some friend, and a loss by fire. To dream you see another dressed in any of the modes above described, forebodes to the person dreamt of the same fortunes, and, in a much smaller degree, the same events to yourself. To dream you are dressed in new clothes, is a very favorable omen ; it portends honors and success to your undertakings.

-from The Model Book of Dreams, Fortune Teller,
and Epitome of Parlor Entertainments
-by Henry Temple, and Cordelia M. Ottley

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