The Witch Power Master Class

The Witch Power is the instinctive drive and ability to identify, harmonize with, and affect psychic, occult, and preternatural forces. It is a spiritual gift that every witch possesses but most practitioners don’t even scratch the surface of what it is capable of. In the Witch Power Series (The Witch’s Book of Power, The Witch’s Book of Spirits, & The Witch’s Book of Mysteries) I explore the Witch Power in three parts; the power that is inherently yours, the power that comes from working with spirits, and the power that comes from building a transcendental relationship with these spirits and even God Herself.

In the Witch Power Master Class, we take the material from the series and expand upon it through additional exercises, reading material, audio and video lessons, and ritual. By the time you complete the 52-week course you will have not only a grasp on what you are capable of but the direction and personal insight necessary to build the life with your magic that you want, on your terms.

Minimum Commitment

You will be asked to perform several exercises as part of your involvement with this course, some recommended, some required. While each of those exercises may take some time to complete and you will be allowed to complete them at your own pace, there are two things that you must be willing to commit to on a regular basis at minimum. Your success in the program will depend on it.

  • You must perform a 5 min daily practice in the morning and in the evening.
  • You must perform a weekly review.
  • You will also need a copy of each book in the Witch Power series. The Witch’s Book of Power, The Witch’s Book of Spirits, & The Witch’s Book of Mysteries.

Lesson List

  1. Discipline and Discernment
  2. Psychic Profiling Your Witch Power
  3. The Home Frequency
  4. The Water Cleansing Rite (Kala)
  5. Spiritual Anatomy and the Serpent
  6. Spiritual Anatomy and the Spider
  7. Spiritual Anatomy and the Owl
  8. Soul Alignment
  9. The Pentacle and the Crown
  10. Cosmic Power Profile prt 1
  11. Cosmic Power Profile prt 2
  12. Empowering the Cosmic Power Sigil
  13. Ecstatic Witchcraft
  1. Discipline and Discernment
  2. Aradia
  3. The Divine Twins
  4. Spirit Allies 1 – Intro
  5. The Witch’s Tree
  6. Protections, Contracts, and Deeds
  7. Mediumship 1 – Preparation & Procedures
  8. Familiar Spirits 1 – Meeting & Profiling
  9. Familiar Spirits 2 – Contracts & Biddings
  10. Mediumship 2 – Continued Procedures & Practices
  11. Soul Flight 1 – Preparation
  12. Soul Flight 2 – Travel
  13. The Compass & The Witch’s Tree
  14. Conjuration 1 – Preparation & Procedures
  1. Conjuration 2 – Summoning, Possession, Exorcism
  2. Keys of Hecate 1
  3. Keys of Hecate 2
  4. Angels in Action
  5. Deadly Deeds
  6. Faery Kinship
  7. Demonic Desires
  8. The Terrestrial Grigori 1 – Intro & Meeting
  9. The Terrestrial Grigori 2 – Meeting cont.
  10. Witch Power Unchained
  11. The Nine Flames
  12. Etheric Orientation
  13. Crossing the Hedge 1 – The Witch Eye & The Dreaming
  14. Dream Gnosis
  15. Protocols of Quintessence 1 – Ritual Structure & Tools
  1. Activating Quintessence 1 – Elemental Fluid Condensers
  2. Activating Quintessence 2 – Simulacrums
  3. The Witch’s Sabbat
  4. The Labyrinth of Diana
  5. The Cosmic Grigori 1 – Oronos
  6. The Cosmic Grigori 2 – Aeon
  7. The Cosmic Grigori 3 – Proto
  8. The Cosmic Grigori 4 – Zoann
  9. The Cosmic Grigori 5 – Quetra
  10. The Ouroboros & The Void
  11. Closing Rite

A few things to keep in mind…

Other things you should know…

  • You must be 18 years or older to participate in this course. 
  • The course can be taken at any time and can be completed on your own time. Weekly content will drip regularly through the university and will become available once you have finished the review and marked the previous lesson as complete. Only one lesson per week will be unlocked at a time. There is no way to fast-track.
  • Copies of all three books in the series will be required. You must obtain a copy of The Witch’s Book of Power to begin this course. By Lesson 17 you will need a copy of The Witch’s Book of Spirits, and by Lesson 34 you will need a copy of The Witch’s Book of Mysteries. Hard copies or digital are both great.
  • The material in this class is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and is under my copyright. Each file I send will be marked, allowing me to trace all leaks back to the originating student. If any of the material is found plagiarized online or in print, I will do everything legally possible to have it removed, and will take action on the offender. This includes seeking legal action through my publisher.
  • You do not need to be a member of Sacred Fires to take this course, nor do you need to recuse yourself from your work with your personal spirits or deities to perform the work in this course. Participation in this course is not training in the Sacred Fires Tradition.
  • All religious overtones have been stripped from the material, making it easy for you to develop a connection with your own allies through the work we will do in the course. While I use my own religious, spiritual, and psychic experiences to frame the content, you will be encouraged regularly to bring your own into the work. You will be introduced to some of the spirits I work with, but all we ask is that you keep an open mind throughout the course and that you make space for them during that time. That’s it. You can still work with your own personal allies, you just have to loosely work with a few of mine as well during this course.
  • There will be 13 homework assignments. These are not mandatory for you to complete the course, but it is mandatory for you to complete them if you want to graduate from the course.