Things You Should Know

Required Reading:

The Witch’s Book of Power

Devin Hunter

ISBN-13: 978-0738748191

Recommended Reading:

Darkness Visible: Awakening Spiritual Light through Darkness Meditation

Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton

ISBN-13: 978-1594770616

Each week a new module will unlock introducing new class content and quizzes. You must complete the final quiz at the end of each module to unlock the following module. You will be expected to post to the weekly forum prompts as well as to respond to at least two other student posts. There are also two projects and a final test.

You will be working a TA to help with your projects. You are required to meet with your TA no less than three times, they will be contacting you to make that happen.

There are four times that we will be meeting in the digital classroom on the academy site. You must attend three of the classes unless given special consent from Devin. It is your responsibility to contact your TA to get caught up if you miss a class.

Live Class Dates/Times

Oct 15 5-6:30p PST

Nov 12   5-6:30p PST

Dec 3   5-6:30p PST

Dec 10 5-6:30p PST

The White Flame Intensive

The White Flame Intensive is a nine-week course that introduces Sacred Fires applicants to our tradition and the core mysteries of the White Flame. The intensive is mandatory for admittance into the inner-court of our tradition and is meant to be a companion to Black Rose Level One.

You DO NOT need to have completed Black Rose Level One to take the White Flame Intensive.

At the end of the intensive students who have performed well will be given the option to receive the White Flame Attunement, which is a separate ritual from our First-Degree Initiation. The attunement is instead a ritual empowerment within our tradition that we believe all those who are willing to do the work deserve. Once Black Rose Level One and the White Flame Intensive have been completed successfully, students may apply for an apprenticeship within the order.

Wear Your Crown

Week One | The Witch Power & The Powers That Be

Week Two |Serpent, Spider, & Owl

Week Three | Star Power

Week Four | Spirit Guides

Week Five |The Familiar Spirit

Week Six |The Star Goddess

Week Seven |The Witch Queen

Week Eight |The Witch King

Week Nine | Empowerment by White Fire

This nine week course is designed to introduce students to the inner workings of the Sacred Fires Tradition and the mysteries of the White Flame. In this series we will dive deeply into the magic of Personal Power, Star Power, and Allied Power and explore the hidden pillars of Sovereignty, Ecstasy, and Self Possession. Each student will learn to personally apply these practices to their lives and passing students will receive the White Flame Attunement.