November 4-6, 2022

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In partnership with Owlkeyme Arts and Modern Witch University, Modern Witch™ presents the Official Witches’ Sabbat!

The Official Witches Sabbat is an assembly of contemporary witches and occultists that features a wide range of workshops, rituals, traditions, and artistry. Each gathering sources the best teachers, presenters, and content creators to provide attendees with a thoroughly modern experience that caters to their growing interest in the fields of witchcraft, occultism, psychic development, the paranormal, and the mystical.

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Each ticket includes access to our live events!

7 Lectures with Live Q&A

A Trance Ritual

The 2022 Witchies

& Artist’s Breakfast

Can’t make all of them? No worries, we have you covered! Each workshop will be recorded on YouTube and you’ll have exclusive access to each so you won’t miss a thing!


Bonus Content

Your program for this convention is not just your guide, it is a grimoire of where all of the content, bonus content, and schedule can be found.

You will also find 8 additional classes from our featured presenters! Enjoy short and poignant workshops from each of our featured presenters that will help you take your magic to the next level!

In addition to our featured presenters, hear from some of the newest voices in occultism.


Live Community

All throughout the weekend and after the event our live Discord community will be active for all participants. Stay connected with your favorite presenters and fellow attendees and communicate in real time for support.


in addition to organizing this year’s event you can also expect presentations from

Author & Podcaster

Devin Hunter

Author & Artist

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Author & Columnist

Storm Faerywolf

Author & Teacher

Mat Auryn

2022 Featured Presenters

This year we are proud to present additional sessions with

Author & Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft

Christopher Penczak

Author & Publisher

Sorita D’Este

Author & Lore Expert

Mhara Starling

Author & Teacher

Emma Kathryn

Author & Blogger

Jason Mankey


Inclusivity Statement: All are welcome here at the Official Witches’ Sabbat regardless of their age, gender, tradition, experience level, sexuality, etc. We cultivate an environment where all attendees can be rest assured that their safety, comfort, and engagement matter to us more than any other factor.

2022 Schedule as of Oct 15, 2022

Friday, Nov 4, 2022

2:00 PST/5:00 EST PM: Event Launch

The digital grimoire, discord community, and downloadable extras become available.

4:30 PST/7:30 EST PM: Hail and Welcome

Join your hosts for the weekend, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, and Mat Auryn for an introduction to this year’s event which will conclude with a guided opening ritual for all participants.

5:00 PST/8:00 EST PM: Discussing the Divine - Hosts

Join Laura Tempest Zakroff, Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, and Mat Auryn for a deep discussion on this year’s theme.

Saturday, Nov 5, 2022

9:00 PST/12:00 EST PM: Drawing the Divine with Laura Tempest Zakroff

Laura Tempest Zakroff
Drawing the Divine

Learn how to connect with deities and spirits through art, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. We’ll discuss methods, an array of media explorations, and ritual approaches. This is a short session at only 45min long and will help us kick off our day!

10:00 PST AM/ 1:00 EST PM: Prayers for the Converted - Sorita d‘Este

Sorita d‘Este
Prayers for the Converted

Most of us who call to the Gods and Goddesses of what is collectively known as Paganism today are converts. We started our life journey with a different religion which we experienced as either too secular or too restrictive, or perhaps with no religion at all. When we enter the world of many deities, we might find ourselves with a new boost of energy and enthusiasm as we explore and learn, but the journey of a convert has its own obstacles. This lecture will explore some of the difficulties converts encounter, and techniques we can use to evolve towards a better future.


Sorita d’Este is an author, researcher, publisher and a polytheist. She has been leading ceremonies, teaching and writing about magic, mysticism, mythology and witchcraft since the 1990’s. Today her work is informed by her lived Orphic beliefs and an understanding rooted in gnosis, as well as her pilgrimages to sacred sites, temples and other places of worship all over the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and further afield in Southern Africa and Brazil. She lives on a hill in Glastonbury, a town famous for its religious diversity and its legends of King Arthur, Avalon and early Christian legends in a house she shares with her Buddhist partner, her beautiful teenage son and a fluffy white cat.

1:00 PST/4:00 EST PM: The Legacy of the Welsh Gods in Modern Witchcraft and Paganism - Mhara Starling

Mhara Starling
The Legacy of the Welsh Gods in Modern Witchcraft and Paganism

Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Brân, Gwyn ap Nudd, Arianrhod. These are all names of deities many modern day Pagans and Witches are likely familiar with. They all have their origin in Welsh mythology, but today are revered across the world.

In this presentation, we will explore these divine entities within their original cultural context, and explore how they have evolved to fit into modern Witchcraft traditions and Pagan practices. Have they been misunderstood? Misappropriated? Who are the Welsh Gods, and why are they so appealing to modern Witches and Pagans?


Mhara Starling is a Welsh folk Witch. Originally from Ynys Môn (the Isle of Anglesey) in North Wales, she is a native Welsh speaker, a leader and founder of the Sarffes Goch coven, and author.

3:00 PST/ 6:00 EST PM: Working With Spirits - Storm Faerywolf

Storm Faerywolf
Working With Spirits

It is said that there are spirits all around us, more numerous than blades of grass. For the average person, this might seem daunting, but for a Witch this is an opportunity. Working with spirits is a foundational aspect of Witchcraft the world over. Whether these are of the dead, spirits of land and place, familiars, animals, plants, stones, or something else entirely, it is through the engagement and communication with them that helps to empower and direct our magic. But how do we even begin? Drawing from both folklore and Storm’s personal experiences, this class will provide some perspectives on spirit work along with practical techniques you can use in the creation of your own style of working


Storm Faerywolf is a published author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and professional warlock.
Drawn to the occult at an early age, he was trained and initiated into various streams of witchcraft, most notably the Faery tradition, where he holds the Black Wand of a Master.
He is chancellor of Modern Witch University, an online school offering spiritual and magical instruction, a founding teacher of Black Rose, a course in practical folkloric witchcraft, and is the founder of BlueRose, a lineage of the Faery tradition.
He is the host of the Witch Power Daily podcast and a columnist for The Wild Hunt. His books include “Betwixt & Between”, “Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft”, “The Witch’s Name”, and “The Satyr’s Kiss”.
He makes his home in the San Francisco Bay area with his loving partners and a menagerie of animals and plants. For more about his work, or to book a private session, visit

Sunday, Nov 6, 2022

8:00 PST/11:00 EST AM: Living Gods: Discovering the Divine in Nature - Emma Kathryn Porter

Emma Kathryn
Living Gods: Discovering the Divine in Nature

Animism generally sees the natural world and everything in it alive with spirit, but what do we mean when we say spirit? Yes, we can discuss the genius loci and give dictionary definitions, but what does it all actually mean in practical terms for your own witchcraft practice?

Within this presentation, we will explore the links between spirit and divinity through the lens of nature. When we view the other beings we share our environment with as parts of the whole, the all, divinity, whatever you choose to call that sense of latent spirit, the world becomes transformed, and with it, our spiritual and magickal practices.


Emma Kathryn (Nottinghamshire, UK) is a staff writer at Witch Way MagazineThe House of Twigs blog, Stone, Root, and Bone blog, the Spiral Nature blog, and Gods & Radicals. She is also the author of Witch Life. She has spoken at a number of UK Pagan events, including Magickal Women Conference in London, and she has been interviewed on The Witch Daily Show podcast.

10:00 PST AM/ 1:00 EST PM: Seeking the Roots of the Gods - Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak
Seeking the Roots of the Gods

What were the gods before their names were known? Their shapes depicted? Their cults established? On their own journey can the gods change, evolve, regress, merge, divide, and become something new? Seek the roots of the deities by seeking their primal power, their function, and their pattern as expressed in different spiritual ecologies. Explore the different levels on which the gods function. Learn to approach the gods in the most effective manner for you.


Christopher Penczak is a modern Witch working in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and community he helped co-found. His practice focuses on the intersection of Love, Will, and Wisdom as an ethos for today’s Witch, and focuses upon relationships with the plant realm, the patterns of astrology, traditional occultism, and the use of trance in the Craft. He is the author of many books, including the award-winning Temple of Witchcraft series, The Plant Spirit Familiar, and The Mighty Dead, as well as the co-owner of Copper Cauldron Publishing. The Temple of Witchcraft offers in-person and online mystery school and seminary training based upon his teachings. Christopher keeps an office in New Hampshire and sees clients in-person and online for readings, healing, and personal consultations, though he travels extensively teaching throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. His vision is of an evolving Witchcraft culture making magick accessible to all, yet preserving the heart of the mystery. For more information, visit and 


12:00 PST/3:00 EST PM: The Horned God of the Witches - Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey
The Horned God of the Witches

Humans have been revering the Horned God and animals with horns and antlers for thousands of years. In the Classical Period ancient pagans honored horned gods such as Pan and Cernunnos, and in the late Middle Ages Christians mistook the Horned God of the Witches for their Devil. Over the last two hundred years the Horned One has proven more popular than ever, serving as a link between humanity and the natural world, all while manifesting in new and unique forms so that all might understand their mysteries. In this workshop we will explore the history of Old Hornie, their evolution, and how we can build a better relationship with one of Witchcraft’s most beloved deities.


Jason Mankey read his first book on Witchcraft in the seventh grade and dedicated his life to the Craft at age 22. Today he runs two covens in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Ari and spends a lot of time writing books and talking about Witchcraft as much as is humanly possible. His latest book is Modern Witchcraft With the Greek Gods (co-written with Astrea Taylor). Jason is especially passionate about the Horned God and Witch history. Away from Witchcraft Jason enjoys a fine single malt Scotch and growing sunflowers in his garden.

2:00 PST/ 5:00 EST PM: Hail and Farewell!

Circle-back with your event hosts and fellow attendees as we say goodbye, make announcements, and end with a closing ritual led by Storm Faerywolf.

3:00 PST/ 6:00 PM PST: The 2022 WITCHIES

Join us as we celebrate excellent in witchcraft and occult media!

How long is the content available for download after the event?

You will always have access to the content as long as you keep your free Modern Witch University account active. We recommend downloading all files onto your own drive, however.

Do I have to sign up for Modern Witch University?

This is the first year we are hosting our event through the university and have chosen to do so with your security in mind. Not only does this keep people from sharing links, but it ensures your personal information is absolutely safe. We do not sell or share your personal information. Creating an account with Modern Witch University is absolutely FREE. 

Can I attend at no cost?

Each year we reserve tickets for our scholarship program. To participate in the scholarship program you must send an essay to our organizers at the email address provided below. The essay must focus on how witchcraft has positively impacted your life or the life of someone you know. The best essays will be selected to appear in our digital grimoire and the essay writers will win a scholarship to attend this year’s sabbat! 

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Deadline for essays in October 25, 2022. 

What if I can't attend sessions live?

Each session will be recorded and made immediately available for you to view through a private link on the event page. You will be able to view it at anytime and at the end of the event a zip file with all of the content from the weekend will be made available for your to download. You can participate on our community Discord at any time so you will never miss a thing!

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