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the 2024 Official Witches' Sabbat celebrating do it yourself magic.
the 2024 Official Witches' Sabbat celebrating do it yourself magic.
the 2024 Official Witches' Sabbat celebrating do it yourself magic.




APRIL 21, 2024

We didn’t go anywhere, we just wanted to move to a time of year where there was a little less going on in the witchcraft and occult world! We are happy to announce that we have moved the Official Witches’ Sabbat to April!

Registration is now open! Get your ticket for just $95! (Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to drop prices this year! Support us by supporting them.)

In partnership with Owlkeyme Arts and Modern Witch University, Modern Witch™ presents the Official Witches’ Sabbat!

The Official Witches Sabbat is an assembly of contemporary witches and occultists that features a wide range of workshops, rituals, traditions, and artistry. Each gathering sources the best teachers, presenters, and content creators to provide attendees with a thoroughly modern experience that caters to their growing interest in the fields of witchcraft, occultism, psychic development, the paranormal, and the mystical.

HortOCCULTure is a celebration of green magic presented by Modern Witch, featuring some of today’s leading voices in the fields of plant spirituality, magical mycology, herbal wisdom, and in-home agriculture.

Green Magic is a term used by modern witches to describe the practice of working with both plant and fungi kingdoms as allies and partners in magic. These practices are diverse and represent some of the most ancient and beloved forms of magic on the planet. HortOCCULTure seeks to unite practitioners with time honored plant wisdom and cutting-edge techniques so they can further their own practice and grow the biggest green thumb possible!

With live downloadable workshops by experts, a digital grimoire featuring additional bonus content, a private Discord community, and access to our exclusive botanical marketplace showcasing rare plants and magical items, HortOCCULTure is the place to be this April!

Hosted by Devin Hunter, past year’s events featured workshops by international bestselling authors and green magic aficionados such as Arin Murphy-Hisock, Christopher Penczak, Amy Blackthorn, Juliet Diaz, Anthony Teth, and Coby Michael!

This year, we are excited to be joined by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Amy Blackthorn, and Coby Michael! We look forward to having the rest of our regular presenters back in 2025!











Each ticket includes access to our live events!

7 LIVE Lectures with Live Q&A

Can’t make all of them? No worries, we have you covered! Each workshop will be recorded on YouTube and you’ll have exclusive access to each so you won’t miss a thing!



Your program for this convention is not just your guide, it is a grimoire of where all of the content, bonus content, and schedule can be found.

FOUR On Demand Presentations!

Included with this event are four ADDITIONAL PRESENTATIONS! Enjoy short and poignant workshops from each of our hosts that will help you take your magic to the next level!


Live Community

All throughout the weekend and after the event our live Discord community will be active for all participants. Stay connected with your favorite presenters and fellow attendees and communicate in real time for support.

2024 Featured Presenters

We are proud to announce that our 2024 Featured Presenters are

Silver RavenWolf

Matthew Venus

Madame Pamita

Mickie Mueller

2024 Featured Presenters

We are proud to announce that our 2024 Featured Presenters are

Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Amy Blackthorn

Coby Michael

in addition to organizing this year’s event you can also expect presentations from

Mat Auryn

Devin Hunter

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Storm Faerywolf


Inclusivity Statement: All are welcome here at the Official Witches’ Sabbat regardless of their age, gender, tradition, experience level, sexuality, etc. We cultivate an environment where all attendees can be rest assured that their safety, comfort, and engagement matter to us more than any other factor.



Friday (April 19)

2:00 PM PST | Content goes Live

6:00 PM PST | Opening Ritual – Journey to the Witches’ Sabbat with Storm Faerywolf

The fantastical tales of the Witches’ sabbat, which scandalized medieval Europe, contained fragments of authentic visionary lore. These are oneiric entry-points into the Witches Dream: The Eternal Sabbat of celebration and magic, from which all Witches may draw inspiration and power. Join Storm Faerywolf as he leads us in a live trance journey to fly, by broom & stang and dark of night, to where the Witches dance and hold their secret rites.

There we will meet with the Magister, the presiding spirit of the Black Rose coven, and work to strengthen our connection to the Witch Blood: the unspeakable and ancient Witch Power, which guides our path and deepens our Craft.


6:30 PM PST | Weekend Kick-off Live Roundtable

Join your hosts for the weekend as we kick-off the festivities with a roundtable discussion and introduction to the weekend’s themes.


Saturday (April 20)


9:00 AM PST |
Money Plant/Money Jar with Mickie Mueller

Mickie Mueller, witchcraft author, artist, and YouTube presenter will share instructions to create your own Paper Money Plant/Money Jar.  These days we could all use a spell to encourage more of that green folding stuff! Each leaf that creates this graceful paper plant is designed with the symbols of abundance and wealth. The leaf design will be included as a PDF download that you can print yourself to recreate this eye-catching witch’s craft and spell. Mickie will walk you through the process of both crafting and adding magickal energy step-by-step as she creates a beautiful paper money plant that will be “planted” in a money drawing jar.


11:00 AM PT | Unlock Your Inner Creativity and Empowerment!

Embark on a magickal journey with renowned author Silver RavenWolf, in her exclusive seminar: “Crash Helmet Granny – Healing, Balance and Success through Art, Crafting, and Spirit Dolls.”

Join Silver for an inspiring exploration of the profound connection between creativity, spirituality, and personal growth. In this delightful seminar you will hear how Silver uses mindful practice, natural and elemental energies in her own healing work. Leave perfection behind! All expressions of art are valid! You will learn how to transform your actions of creative expression into a catalyst for healing emotional wounds, reducing stress, and promoting overall well-being.
Craft your path to balance and harmony by following your inner creative fire. Let’s harness your own mystical energy to manifest your dreams, overcome obstacles, and achieve success! Led by the dynamic author of numerous bestselling books on spirituality and crafting, Silver RavenWolf share a seminar that promises to be an empowering experience for anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace your creative potential. The power lies in you to create healing, balance, and success. Let the muse flow!

1:00 | Lunch Intermission


2:00 PM PST | Advanced Candle Spellcrafting with Madame Pamita

Lighting a single candle for an intention can be effective, but have you been yearning to craft beautiful customized complex candle spells from scratch? In this masterclass, award-winning candlemaker, and author of The Book of Candle Magic, Madame Pamita, will show you how to create candle spells specifically for your intention – no recipe book needed! In this workshop you’ll learn how to choose the right candles for the job, how to use numerology to add power to your candle spells, how to add even more energy to your intention with multi-day and multi-candle spells, the importance of creating and recording spell plans, and the secrets of interpreting candle flame, smoke and wax remains. Add creativity, focus and power to your spells by applying what you learn in this workshop and your candle magic will never be the same.


4:00 PM PST | The Anointed and Verdant: On the crafting and use of Enspirited Magical Oils with Matthew Venus

In this discussion we will explore the art of magical oil crafting. While touching upon familiar topics such as planetary considerations and scent profiles, we will continue into discussing the work of oil crafting as conjuration. In this we approach oilcrafting under the patronage, or even as the earthly expression, of a spirit. Such work will be envisioned through an animist lens of allying with, and conjuring forth the spirits plants, animals, minerals, and of memory towards creating a dynamic, effective, and incredibly personal magical formula.


6:00 PM PST | Offical Sabbat Closing Meeting

Join your hosts for the weekend as we wrap-up the festivities with a roundtable discussion and introduction to the weekend’s themes.


6:30 Closing Ritual | Journey from the Witches’ Sabbat with Storm Faerywolf



Sunday (April 21)

9:30 AM PST | Welcome to HortOCCULTure

Welcome to a very special HortOCCULTure celebrating the magick of indoor plant allies.

10:00 AM PST | Astral Greenhouses with Arin Murphy Hiscock

Every witch needs a place within to cultivate their magic, an inner temple where they can both draw wisdom and plant the seeds of manifestation. In this one of a kind workshop, join international bestselling and award-wining plant magic author Arin Murphy-Hiscock for an exploration of the Astral Greenhouse, an etheric sanctuary where we can connect to our plant allies and perform the unbelievable.

12:00 PM PST | Black Thumbs & Problematic Plants:  Growing an Indoor Poison Garden with Coby Michael

 When it comes to weird, wild and wayside plants, getting them to grow where and how we want them to can be a difficult task.  Whether difficult to germinate seeds or plants that prefer growing in wasteland conditions, many of the plants of The Poison Path can test the patience of even the most experienced growers.  Growing plants whether indoors or out is a delicate balance between life and death.  Death is just as much a part of the growing cycle as germination, flowering and harvest and in this presentation Poison Path practitioner Coby Michael will inspire even the blackest of thumbs to grow a number of baneful herbs indoors with success.  Coby will discuss the myriad challenges that present themselves when it comes to growing these feral plant allies in an indoor setting and how to remedy them.  Attendees will learn where to source seeds, baby plants and cuttings from a variety of sources around the world.  Coby will give tips from personal experience on how to grow plants for magical uses, connect to plant spirits and the magical properties of plants that choose to self-sacrifice.


2:00 PM PST | Connecting to Plant Spirits of the Indoors with Amy Blackthorn

Join herbalist and author of the Bestselling Blackthorn’s Botanicals series Amy Blackthorn to reaffirm our connection to our indoor spaces through plants and their indoor spaces. From plant spirit communication to finding the right containers for their environment, this class reminds you that witchcraft is only found in the wild, but as a part of our daily lives.



6:00 PM PST | Houseplant HortOCCULTure Launch Livestream Party

Join Devin and some of his favorite people for the official launch of his latest book, Houseplant HortOCCULTure! Those attending HortOCCULTure 2024 get VIP access to the chat and be entered to win the Mega Plant Magick Giveaway!



Luxury Ritual Care: A DIY Guide to Soaps, Soaks, and Scrubs with Devin Hunter

Learn how to take your pre and post ritual self-care to the next level with this DIY exploration of modern magickal bathing. Learn to incorporate natural luxury oils, essential oils, and salts as we dive into the beautiful and complex world of making soaps and scrubs for any magickal purpose. This workshop includes never seen before recipes from Devin’s collection, a step by step guide, and video demonstration. Topics include: Ritual bathing throughout history, working without a tub, developing and testing recipes for bath salts, scrubs, and potions, and finally how to make your own cold-process magickal soaps.

Tarot Spellcords with Mat Auryn

The Tarot Spellcords workshop is perfect for everyone from curious beginners to adept practitioners. Discover the art of tarot spellcords, unique magickal tools crafted by upcycling old Tarot cards, combining them with cords and integrating magickal items to create focused talismans for manifestation, protection, or whatever your intention is. Led by Mat Auryn, this workshop opens the door to this captivating craft, with no prior experience required. In this workshop, you will learn to select Tarot cards that resonate with your magickal intentions, giving new life to old cards as you weave their energies into spellcords alongside significant personal objects. This process is a deeply meditative and magickal act that forms a connection between you, the Tarot, and the energies you wish to manifest. You’ll learn how to work energy into the spellcord as you’re creating it and how to activate your spellcords so that it’s a powerful talisman tailored to your personal goals.

2024 Ritual Dance Performance with Laura Tempest Zakroff

In lieu of a ritual this year, join Tempest for a one-of-a-kind dance performance to celebrate the magic of the witches’ sabbat.


Writing Magickal Texts | An Insider’s Guide to Pagan and Occult Authorship

Join your hosts, bestselling and award-winning authors, for a candid discussion about the craft of writing and publishing. Whether you are seeking to follow a traditional route or are curious about self-production and publishing, this in-depth round table is for you!

Content becomes available at 2:00PM on  4/19/2024

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How long is the content available for download after the event?

You will always have access to the content as long as you keep your free Modern Witch University account active. We recommend downloading all files onto your own drive, however.

Do I have to sign up for Modern Witch University?

This is the first year we are hosting our event through the university and have chosen to do so with your security in mind. Not only does this keep people from sharing links, but it ensures your personal information is absolutely safe. We do not sell or share your personal information. Creating an account with Modern Witch University is absolutely FREE. 

Can I attend at no cost?

Each year we reserve tickets for our scholarship program. To participate in the scholarship program you must send an essay to our organizers at the email address provided below. The essay must focus on how witchcraft has positively impacted your life or the life of someone you know. The best essays will be selected to appear in our digital grimoire and the essay writers will win a scholarship to attend this year’s sabbat!

Send to:

Deadline for essays is 1/1/2024

What if I can't attend sessions live?

Each session will be recorded and made immediately available for you to view through a private link on the event page. You will be able to view it at anytime and at the end of the event a zip file with all of the content from the weekend will be made available for your to download. You can participate on our community Discord at any time so you will never miss a thing!

Registration closed

This year’s event was only $95! (Thanks to our sponsors we have reduced ticket prices! Previous year’s tickets were $150.)