The Witches’ Forge | Transformation through the Iron Pentacle

In the fires of our practice the warrior is truly forged. The Iron Pentacle is a formidable tool born of the Faery tradition of Witchcraft where it is used to better hone the magical practitioner’s power, skill, and precision. Transmitted in the form of a meditative device, the Iron Pentacle invites a way of life, an immersive yet simple practice that grants the opportunity to strengthen our will, as we transform ourselves into the true warriors of our Craft. Through reading, journaling, meditation, art, and ritual, discover how the Iron Pentacle can assist you in becoming the most powerful witch or warlock you can be.

In this class you will discover where your own life force is out of balance and will be given the tools necessary to come into a space of equilibrium; to stand in the center of your skill and power in order to make the changes that you need to live the life that you deserve.

A PDF booklet with reading material, journal prompts, art projects, suggested exercises, ritual instructions, and more.

10 MP3 audio tracks, including guided meditations and invocations for each of the points of the pentacle, as well as a guided ritual for you to perform.