About the book

“Respectful, inclusive, and inspiring. This is an essential read for green witches looking to fine-tune their interactions with plants usually seen as indoor and ornamental.”
—Arin Murphy-Hiscock, author of The Green Witch

Infuse Magic into Every Act of Indoor Plant Care

No plant is ever just a houseplant. Whether you are a green witch or merely horti-curious, you can learn how to successfully grow potted plants, connect with their spiritual energies, and partner with them for magic.

Devin Hunter provides practical tips on substrates, pests, watering, and other elements of plant care. He also shares ideas for incorporating magic into every step, such as drawing sigils on your grow lights, pushing energy into the soil, and putting crystals in your watering can. All these suggestions and more will help your monstera, fern, orchid, and other indoor flora thrive.

From begonias to bromeliads, this book features easy-to-grow, easy-to-find plants and their occult correspondences. Improve astral travel with English ivy, cut through obstacles with mother-in-law’s tongue, and manifest dreams into reality with pothos. Packed with spiritual and botanical wisdom, Houseplant Hortocculture teaches you how to confidently raise and work with your own magical allies.

Includes a foreword by Juliet Diaz, author of Plant Witchery, and illustrations by Siolo Thompson, creator of Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

About the Master Class

Expanding upon the information in Houseplant HortOCCULTure, this master class was created to help indoor green magic enthusiasts make the very most of their practice. Learn how to turn any black thumb green, how to weave potent spells with living plant allies, and how advanced Varieomancy techniques. In addition to ten all-inclusive modules, the master class comes with a whole basket of useful downloads and tools that every plant magickian should have.


The Modules


Module One | How not to kill your plants

In this module we will explore the wonderful world of houseplants and dive deep into their basic care and feeding. We will discuss where things usually go wrong and how to avoid killing your plants in the future. Topics include everything from lighting and humidity to pest treatment and prevention.


Module Two | Advanced Substrates and Propagation

In this module we will explore the wacky ways of soils and substrates and discuss the methods and procedures for propagating your favorite plants. We will dive into various substrate recipes (including soil based and semi-hydroponic), discuss why and when to use them, and then take it a step further by developing a substrate recipe that fits your unique conditions. Later, Devin teaches how to turn one plant into twelve.


Module Three | Houseplant 911

In this module we will take everything we have learned so far and apply it in real time to houseplants that are on the brink of death. If there is a way to save your plant, we will discuss it here! Learn how to bring your houseplants back to life and how to take advantage of the discount wrack at the plant store.


Module Four | Terrariums, Vivarium’s, and Aquariums

Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to make a plant feel comfortable in our homes. In this module we will discuss  the best methods for building specialized habitats for our plants and Devin demonstrates how to build a Terrarium Shrine to the god Pan.

Module Five | Aroid Magic

In this module we dive into the aroid family (philodendrons, Scindapsus, anthuriums, etc.) and discuss the intricacies of working with them as magical allies. We will explore both common and hard to find species, where to procure them ethically, and what it takes to keep them alive.


Module Six | Epiphyte Magic

In this module we will explore the rich colors and mysterious ways of epiphytes (air plants, bromeliads, orchids, etc.) and how to work with them in magic. In addition to discussing their unique care and feeding, we will take a look at common and hard to find species as well as how to procure them ethically.


Module Seven | Succulent and Cacti Magic

In this module we dive into succulents and cacti, how to work with them in magic, and of course, how to keep them alive. Later we dive into common and rare varieties of both and how to source them ethically.


Module Eight | Carnivorous Plant Magic

Not often thought of as houseplants, carnivorous plants can make a powerful addition to your list of allies. In this module we explore different species, discuss how to care for them, and where to find them!


Module Nine | Magic with Palms and Ferns

In this module we dive into palms and ferns and discuss the inticracies of working with them as magical allies. We will explore both common and hard to find species, where to procure them ethically, and what it takes to keep them alive.


Module Ten | Advanced Varieomancy

In Houseplant HortOCCULTure, Devin released a never-before-seen divination system called Varieomancy that uses leaf variegation to determine fortunes and to communicate with the otherworld. In this module learn advanced techniques not in the book and receive pointers on how to get the best readings.

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2024-2025 Houseplant Almanac

Houseplant HortOCCULTure Printable Planner

Propagation Cheat Sheet

25 Plant Entries Cut From the Book!

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