Bring The Magic of Nature To Your Home


Seven Workshops

Attend live or watch later, our workshops are second to none and feature some of the leading voices in plant magic and spirituality on the planet.

Ritual by Christopher Penczak

This year we are honored to have world-renown author and plant magician Christopher Penczak as our ritualist. He will be presenting The Rite of the Green Devil for the first time online! You will not want to miss!

Over 4+ Hrs of Downloadable Bonus Content

The event doesn’t stop when the workshops are over, enjoy over four hours of digital downloads and extras with our Digital Grimoire!

About HortOCCULTure

HortOCCULTure is a celebration of green magic presented by Modern Witch, featuring some of today’s leading voices in the fields of plant spirituality, magical mycology, herbal wisdom, and in-home agriculture.

Green Magic is a term used by modern witches to describe the practice of working with both plant and fungi kingdoms as allies and partners in magic. These practices are diverse and represent some of the most ancient and beloved forms of magic on the planet. HortOCCULTure seeks to unite practitioners with time honored plant wisdom and cutting-edge techniques so they can further their own practice and grow the biggest green thumb possible!

With live downloadable workshops by experts, a digital grimoire featuring additional bonus content, a private Discord community, and access to our exclusive botanical marketplace showcasing rare plants and magical items, HortOCCULTure is the place to be this April!

Hosted by Devin Hunter, this year’s event features workshops by international bestselling authors and green magic aficionados such as Arin Murphy-Hisock, Christopher Penczak, Amy Blackthorn, Juliet Diaz, Anthony Teth, and Coby Michael!

Our 2023 Featured Presenters

Juliet Diaz

Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Anthony Teth

Coby Michael

Julia Halina

Amy Blackthorn

Christopher Penczak

Devin Hunter

2023 HortOCCULTure Official Schedule

Friday, 4/21/23

ON DEMAND | Plant Spirit Mediumship w/ Devin Hunter


In this on demand workshop, learn how to develop your plant spirit communication skills from a professional medium, and boost discover ways to boost your practice instantly! (45 min)

This workshop will debut on the afternoon of Friday, April 21 and will be available throughout the duration of the event, as well as after for attendees.

2:00 PM PST | Content Unlocks

All downloadable content and the private Discord server unlock for attendees!

5:00 PM PST | Hail and Welcome!

Join your host, Devin Hunter and the staff of Modern Witch University for the event kick-off. Watch live from the event page.

5:30 PM PST | Decolonizing the Plant Spirit Connection w/ Juliet Diaz

Spiritual connection is significant in developing a powerful and intimate relationship with Nature Spirits. This connection amplifies your magical workings and intentions and can also be the salve to our deepest wounds and the medicine to profound healing. Learn how to decolonize plant knowledge and implement intentional daily practices to take your connection to the next level.


Saturday, 4/22/23

ON DEMAND | Carnivorous Plant Spirits w/ Devin Hunter


In this on demand workshop, discover the unique personality and magic of carnivorous plants and learn how to grow them in your own home for magic and ritual! (45 min)

This workshop will debut on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22 and will be available throughout the duration of the event, as well as after for attendees.

10:00 AM PST | Greenwood Offerings w/ Anthony Teth

Bestowing gifts to spiritual allies is a practice as old as human history. Whether they be presences we encounter in wild, untamed places, or in locales much closer to home, leaving physical and astral gifts has been a cornerstone to mystical interactions the world over.

Natural botanicals are not only traditional as offerings to Gods, Spirits, and other entities, but as each plant has its own unique spirit as well, meditating upon the offerings themselves can thus enhance one’s personal practices in a myriad of surprising and potent ways. In general, giving thanks through offering practices expands not only our minds and natural empathy, but deepens our connection to dimensions both internal and external. When engaged with true attention, offerings honor those powers integral to our lives and well-being in ways that transcend personality and ego, allowing more truth to pour forth through us and our actions in this world and others.

Join Anthony Teth, Warlock and co-owner of Alchemy Works, as he examines some of his favorite offering techniques and herbal formulations.  “Greenwood Offerings” will delve into several of the wild and cultivated plants, resins, and seeds he’s built relationships with over the years as student, practitioner, and shopkeeper, while giving plenty of pointers on expanding one’s own personal offering practices.

1:00 PM PST | The Rite of The Green Devil w/ Christopher Penczack

Online Inner World Ritual 
with Christopher Penczak 
Though many modern magickal people do not subscribe to the concept of sin, we live in a society that is often dominated by a dogmatic concept of it. To fully embrace a free magickal life, we must heal ourselves of this first wound and release ourselves. We can do this through our connections to the natural world, returning to the grace of the Garden of the Gods, a time before time as we know it. For the first time publicly online, join us  in a ritual journey to evoke the Green Devil, the dark side of nature and the shadow of the Green Man to return to the Garden of the Gods. As master of the plant spirits, experience the gnosis and healing of our green allies as we experience the seven keys to hell through seven baneful plant spirits, and become free from their “deadly” sins, finding a place of harmony. Evoke the plant spirits in vision for their wisdom, and traverse the underworld and find the emerald heart of the Earth. Renounce original sin and find redemption in the Green’s embrace. (In the digital grimoire, find a full excerpt of the ritual from The Plant Spirit Familiar book)
Christopher Penczak is a modern Witch working in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and community he helped co-found. His practice focuses on the intersection of Love, Will, and Wisdom as an ethos for today’s Witch, and focuses upon relationships with the plant realm, the patterns of astrology, traditional occultism, and the use of trance in the Craft. He is the author of many books, including the award winning Temple of Witchcraft series, The Plant Spirit Familiar, and The Mighty Dead, as well as the co-owner of Copper Cauldron Publishing. Christopher keeps an office in New Hampshire and sees clients in-person and online for readings, healing, and personal consultations. His vision is of an evolving Witchcraft culture making magick accessible to all, yet preserving the heart of the mystery. For more information, visit and

3:00 PM PST |Witch's Plant Spirits w/ Amy Blackthorn

Join Amy Blackthorn, author of the bestselling ‘Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic’ to journey to the heart of a botanical Magic practice, working with the arch spirits of these incredible witching familiars. From petitions to the heads of their families to intercession on behalf of friends and loved ones, we will complete our understanding of the ways spirits align for our highest good. 

5:00 PM PST | Magickal Mixology w/ Julia Halina

Mixology is stepped in plant and herbal magic. From folk healers making herbal tinctures that modern mixologists use as bitters, to vinegar drinking shrubs for stomach maladies, and liqueurs for stimulating digestion, plants and their healing magic are intrinsically connected to mixology. In this workshop, you will learn how mixology is connected to plant magic from its ancient roots to modern distilled spirits, how you can work with plant spirits through mixology, and how to incorporate plant magic into your potions, alcoholic and nonalcoholic alike.

Sunday, 4/23/23

ON DEMAND | Houseplants for Witches 101 w/ Devin Hunter


In this on demand workshop, join Devin Hunter and discover the fundamentals of successful houseplant rearing no matter where you live or your current level of green thumb!  (45 min)

This workshop will debut on the afternoon of Sunday, April 23 and will be available throughout the duration of the event, as well as after for attendees.

10:00 AM PST | Herbal Grimoires & Record Keeping w/ Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Your records constitute a valuable body of information that can support growth and development, as well as enabling you to reproduce effects and actions if necessary. Keeping records is something that a lot of us find difficult, especially if we work mainly as intuitive witches.

This workshop will look at how to improve your record keeping, and ways to make your life easier while doing it. We’ll talk about at why records are important, different methods of recording information, go over common aspects between different kinds of records, how to pinpoint what information is important to you and your practice, and discuss how to effectively use the information once you have it.

1:00 PM PST | Witch Herbs as Familiar Spirits w/ Coby Michael

Plants throughout history that have been associated with sorcery and witchcraft are powerful allies for the occult practitioner.  Just as there are plants for warriors and plants for healers; plants like deadly nightshade and mandrake have been approached for centuries to enlist the help of the spirits that reside within them.  herbs such as mugwort and henbane have been valued by people for their aid in psychic practices.  Many other herbs and fungi have a reputation for helping humans connect with the spirit world, the gods and their psychic self.  
These magical catalysts known as witching herbs or power plants have profound physical and spiritual effects and distinctly individual personalities.  Witches are known for partnering with all sorts of spirits to aid in their magical pursuits-plant, animal and otherwise.  These interactions when continued on a regular basis become “familiar.”  Familiar spirits are trusted allies, teachers and protectors that we can have deep and meaningful relationships with.  In this presentation we will explore plant spirits with an affinity for occult discovery and magical development, and what can be learned from these relationships. We will discuss techniques for connecting with a desired plant spirit and strengthening that relationship through meditation, stewardship and magical practice. 

3:00 PM PST | Hail and Farewell and Cover Reveal!

The official end to our magical weekend! Join Devin Hunter for a heartfelt goodbye and the official cover reveal of Houseplant HortOCCULTure! 

EXCLUSIVE to HORTOCCULTURE members, the rare and magical plant market features live plants, seeds, and other supplies at great prices! 

All weekend long enjoy live giveaways and prizes related to the workshops and ritual. All you need to do is show up, answer a question, and you could be the owner of something very cool!

How long is the content available for download after the event?

You will always have access to the content as long as you keep your free Modern Witch University account active. We recommend downloading all files onto your own drive, however.

Do I have to sign up for Modern Witch University?

This is the first year we are hosting our event through the university and have chosen to do so with your security in mind. Not only does this keep people from sharing links, but it ensures your personal information is absolutely safe. We do not sell or share your personal information. Creating an account with Modern Witch University is absolutely FREE. 

Can I attend at no cost?

Each year we reserve tickets for our scholarship program. To participate in the scholarship program you must send an essay to our organizers at the email address provided below. The essay must focus on how witchcraft has positively impacted your life or the life of someone you know. The best essays will be selected to appear in our digital grimoire and the essay writers will win a scholarship to attend this year’s sabbat! 

Send to:

Deadline for essays in October 25, 2022. 

What if I can't attend sessions live?

Each session will be recorded and made immediately available for you to view through a private link on the event page. You will be able to view it at anytime and at the end of the event a zip file with all of the content from the weekend will be made available for your to download. You can participate on our community Discord at any time so you will never miss a thing!


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