WALLS: To dream you are walking on a crazy, old and narrow wall, denotes that you will engage in some very dangerous enterprise, that will cause you much trouble and vexation; if you get down without hurting yourself, or the walls falling, then you will succeed; if the wall should fall whilst you are upon it, you will be disappointed.

-If you are  walking between walls, and the passage is very narrow and  difficult, you will be engaged in some quarrel, or other disagreeable affair, from which it will require great circumspection and caution on your part to disengage yourself; but if you get from between them safe, you will settle well in life, marry an agreeable partner, have children, and become rich and happy.

-from The Model Book of Dreams, Fortune Teller, and Epitome of Parlor Entertainments
-by Henry Temple, and Cordelia M. Ottley

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