Section One A    34:58 min

Section One B    36:02 min

Section One C    20:01 min

Section Two A    18:33 min

Section Two B    17:29 min

Section Three A  12:57 min

Section Three B  26:29 min

Section Four     12:02 min


Spirit Guide Prep Meditation

(12:01 min)

Meet your Spirit Guide Meditation

(15:30 min)


In your 25 page workbook and audio companion……

Section One

Audio Guide: What Spirit Guides are and what they can be for us

Tips & Tricks from Devin

The Aura and the “Three Souls”

Preparing to meet your guides

Section Two

Audio Guide: Spirit Guide Contact

Spirit Guide Profiler

Section Three

Audio Guide: Building Deep Connections

Section Four

Audio Guide: Building the Future

Spirit Guide Connection

Building life long connections with your Spirit Guides

Devin Hunter’s Spirit Guide Connection is an audio-based program that will help you meet and create life-long partnerships with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.


“There is no such thing as not possessing the spiritual knowledge to access your Spirit Guides. That knowledge is embedded deep in your DNA just like the knowledge of how to breath, it’s automatic and instinctual. There is also no such thing as a person who was born without a Spirit Guide. We all have at least one primary guide and depending on what your life’s purpose is there will be several guides that come and go in your life.”

– Devin Hunter’s Spirit Guide Connection

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